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    2022 Annual Statements for the Health and Benefit Fund
    The 2022 W-2 forms for Sick Fund and for the Health and Benefit Fund Loss of Time will be mailed to all participants by 1/31/23. If you withdrew money from your sick fund account or received loss of time payments in 2022 you should receive a W-2. NEW FOR 2022: You will receive an email from Online Form Retrieval with the subject: IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT AVAILABLE. The email will contain a link to your W-2 form so that you can access the form online. You can follow the link to view and print your W-2 form. If you have any questions about your Sick Fund W-2 please email sarahcole@local94.com or call (212) 331-1802. The 2022 1099R for the Death Benefit for the Health and Benefit Fund will be mailed to the paid beneficiary by 1/31/23. The 2022 1095B form will be mailed to all participants by 03/02/23. Contact the Health and Benefit Trust Fund member Services department with any questions%2;a href="http://www.local94.com/media/187892/FLYER_FOR_SPRING_GOLF_OUTING2023.pdf">Join us on Monday, May 15, 2023 for a fun event, have a chance to win prizes, and help raise money for the Local 94 Scholarship Fund.

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    Stay Healthy This Flu Season
    Local 94 participants can get a FREE flu shot by visiting any pharmacy that participates in the Vaccine Immunization/Injection Network administered by OptumRx.

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    All Local 94 members with Active and Retiree coverage are eligible for vision coverage – please note these two promotions are being offered by CPSOptical – only through March 30, 2023!


Hochul makes fabrication of COVID vaccination cards a state crime
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Behavioral Health Resources
We've added a page to the site that lists all of the behavioral health resources available to members and their families in one place. The programs include telephone, inpatient, outpatient and online help, apps, screenings and more. If you need these services or just want to learn more, visit our new page. You can also find a link in the navigation bar.
Purchase NYSC IUOE License Plates
Consider purchasing a NYSC IUOE custom plate for any car for you, your family, staff, etc. registered in New York State. These plates can be personalized as well. See the News page for more information.

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Upcoming Events

General Membership Meeting. Times: 8:30 AM, 2:00 PM, and 5:00 PM Meetings are held at the Hotel Trades Council Auditorium, 305 West 44th Street.
Spring Golf Outing. LaTourette or South Shore Golf Courses, Staten Island Call: Jillian Loughnane (212) 331-1836 or click here for more information.
Initiation Ceremony for New Members will be held at the Hotel Trades Council located at 305 W 44th Street, Mezzanine Floor on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 4:00 P.M.

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