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Kuba Brown—Business Manager/Financial Secretary


Kuba J. Brown is the Business Manager and Financial Secretary of IUOE Local 94, 94A and 94B. He oversees the daily management and operations of the entire Local and co-chairs the Health and Benefit Trust Funds, Annuity Fund and Training Fund. Kuba is also a Trustee on all of the above-mentioned Funds. In his present position, he runs the monthly Executive Board Meetings, monthly Membership Meetings and Quarterly Benefit Funds Trustee Meetings. Prior to his present position, he was Assistant Business Manager and Vice President from 1994 to 2004. and President from 2004 to 2016. He became a Business Representative for Lower Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn and Staten Island in 1985.

Kuba also held several positions in the field. He was the Chief Engineer of 630 Third Avenue from 1979 to 1985. Before that he was an Assistant Chief at 112 West 34th Street from 1974 to 1979. He was an Engineer at 1301 Sixth Avenue from 1972 to 1974. His career first started as a Helper in 1971.

Kuba holds a New York City Refrigeration License, EPA Refrigeration Handlers License, Hazmat Certificate, Homeland Security Certification, New York City Fire Safety Directors License and various other City licenses. He has taken courses in Labor studies for Arbitration and Negotiations and Labor Law.

Ray Macco—Assistant Business Manager/Recording-Corresponding Secretary/Business Representative of Downtown Manhattan 

RayRay is an Assistant Business Manager, the Recording-Corresponding Secretary and a Business Representative for Local 94. He also serves as a Trustee of the Health and Benefit Trust Funds, Annuity Fund and Training Fund. Ray currently is a Political Action Co-Chairman for Local 94.

Ray started with IUOE Local 94 in 1981 and worked in commercial office buildings at City Spire and 299 Park Ave. Additionally, as the previous IT Director, he developed the first software for the Union and Benefit Funds

In 2001, Ray was hired as a Business Representative in the School Division for Brooklyn and Queens.

Tom Hart—President, Business Representative of Midtown Manhattan, Health & Safety Officer

TommyhThomas Hart currently serves as President of IUOE Local 94, 94A and 94B. Tom also serves as a Trustee on the Health and Benefit Trust Funds, Annuity Fund and Training Fund and is a midtown area Business Representative.

Before becoming a Business Representative, Tom began his career in Local 94 as an Engineer at 1100 Avenue of the Americas working at HBO. He also worked as a Chief Engineer for several years at 1180 Avenue of the Americas for Cushman & Wakefield.

Tom holds a New York City Refrigeration License, EPA Refrigeration Handlers License, various OSHA and Hazmat certificates, the IUOE Homeland Security Certification, New York City Fire Safety Directors Certificate and various other city licenses. He also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Labor Relations and Management from George Meany Center for Labor Studies.

Mike Gadaleta—Vice President/Business Representative of Uptown Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx

MikeMike is an Executive Board member and a Business Representative for Local 94. He also serves as a Trustee on the Training Fund.  Additionally, Mike is currently a Political Action Co-Chairman for Local 94.

In 1987, Mike began working as an Operating Engineer with Local 94 at J.P. Morgan, 522 Fifth Avenue, and subsequently became the Assistant Chief Engineer in 1991.

In 1995, Mike was hired as the Assistant Training Director of the Local 94 Training Program. Thereafter, Mike was promoted to the Training Director position. During his tenure, the Training Program obtained accredited certification with the NYC Fire Department for the Refrigeration License Course and Air Pollution Course. In addition, the Program was also recognized by Empire State College, a leading SUNY college specializing in labor studies.

Kelly Drummond—Treasurer/Business Representative of Hotels, Clubs and Commercial Residential properties of New York City

KellyKelly is the Treasurer and a Business Representative for Local 94.

Kelly started at Local 94 in 1987 as a Claims Processor for the Health and Benefit Fund. Subsequently, she worked as a Helper at 1540 Broadway and Foley Square Court House (500 Pearl Street). Additionally, at Foley Square Court House, she was promoted to Mechanic and then Engineer. She also held the position of shop steward at this location. She was also the former President of the Bronx Engineers.

Kelly obtained her pesticide applicator license 7G in 1992 and obtained her NYC Refrigeration license in 1995. She has both her System Maintenance Technician and System Maintenance Administrator from BOMI (Building Owners and Managers Institute) including the EPA Technician Certification.

Jack Redden—Guard/Business Representative of all New York City Public Schools located in All Boroughs

JackJack is an Executive Board member and a Business Representative for Local 94.

In 1987, Jack became a member of Local 94, 94A, 94B working at 717 5th Ave as a Helper. Subsequently, he worked at World Wide Plaza where he was the Senior Engineer/shop steward until August of 2002. At that time, he became an Organizer for Local 94, as well as a Business Representative for the Hotel Division. Since April of 2004 he has been a School Division Business Representative for the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island.

Jack is a NYC Licensed HVAC Engineer with Universal Certification, Licensed Fire Safety Director and a Licensed Pesticides applicator for cooling towers.

Rocco Ferrigno—Business Agent


Rocco is a downtown business rep who spent six years as an auditor on the Executive Board. He became a member of Local 94 in 1981 and a chief in 1992 at 111 Wall Street.

He has been on the Local 94 School Curriculum Committee for over 15 years. Rocco is a firm believer in our school system and the importance of on-the-job training, with the idea of keeping as much work as possible in house.

He holds a New York City refrigeration license, pesticide applicator 7G license and fire department F.89, S-12 and S-13. He also holds both a system maintenance administrator and system maintenance technician certificate from the Building Owners and Managers Institute.


Executive Board

Kuba J. Brown

Business Manager & Financial Secretary

Raymond Macco

Assistant Business Manager & Recording-Corresponding Secretary

Thomas M. Hart


Michael Gadaleta

Vice President 

Kelly Drummond


Jack Redden


Philip Baffuto


John Cancel
Vincent Curcio
William Caramico


Anthony Fasulo
David Rodriguez
Rocco Ferrigno


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