• Reminder: Union Dues

    Please note, effective January 1, 2019, the maximum monthly dues are $92.89. Dues for 40 hour contracted work weeks are calculated by multiplying the hourly rate x 2.50; for 35 hour contracted work week hourly rate x $2.20; for 37 1/2 hour contracted work week hourly rate x $2.36, up to a maximum of $92.89. When the hourly rate increases, the dues increase, up to the maximum monthly dues. 


  • OptumRx - Effective January 1, 2019

    Effective January 1, 2019, the prescription benefit portion of your health plan will be administered by OptumRx. You can visit the OptumRx website at Each prescription drug company has its own list of prescribed medications that are allowed for their safety, cost and effectiveness. You and your doctor should consult the Formulary List to help you select the most cost-effective prescription medications for your needs. To find out more about your prescription drug benefits, please visit the How the Prescription Drug Plan Works section of our website.  


  • Hotel Boycott

    Fight for Workers Rights—Do not stay at these hotels

    Find a list of hotels who are on strike.


  • The Cutting Edge - Fall 2018

    Read the most recent newsletter.


  • Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk County Grants Available for First time buyers

    There are grants available for Union members who are first time buyers looking to purchase in Westchester, Nassau or Suffolk County, NY towards the purchase of a home, provided that the applicant is income eligible and meets all program requirements. 

    Applicants must occupy the residence as their primary residence.

    Nassau / Suffolk/ Westchester up to $25,000; 3 person family,  combined income may not be greater than $94,170

    Town Of Babylon Up to $14,000; 3 person family, combined income may not be greater than $79,800.

    Suffolk County Up to $14,000; 3 person family, combined income may not be greater than  $84,050.

    For more information, please contact Christine Dawson, Union Plus Specialist at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage at 516-520-3616.


  • US Supreme Court Janus Ruling

    Read About the US Supreme Court Janus Ruling and learn more about why it's important.


  • 9/11 Asbestos Debris Lawsuits Cleared by NY Appeals Court

    The state’s top court cleared the way for a group of 9/11 cleanup workers who became ill after cleaning up asbestos-laden debris to pursue legal claims against the Battery Park City Authority.  Read the NY Daily News article.  


  • NYS Paid Family Leave Law - Effective January 1, 2018

    There is a new, state mandated family paid leave rights and benefits available under the NYS Paid Family Leave Law which will take effect January 1, 2018.  Learn more. 


  • Local 94 Member Fights to Educate Public About Importance of Unions

    Local 94 member Bill Caramico's mission is to get the word out that Unions are vital to the survival of the country as whole. Read the Labor Press article here.


  • Buy American – The Clear Path To Job Creation!

    Thanks to your advocacy Buy American legislation is closer than ever to passing. The feedback from Legislators was very good, but as talks on the budget heat up we know that they need to hear directly from you. That is why we are asking you to take the next step to call and speak with your legislator.

    Take action now! Text “BUY USA” to 877877 or visit and sign the petition to make sure your tax dollars are used to BUY AMERICAN.


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