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  • Greedy contractors are trying to destroy the IUOE Apprenticeship Program - Don't Let Them

    The IUOE invests $180 million every year creating the best-trained workforce in the world. IUOE apprenticeship programs produce highly skilled apprentices who deliver projects on time and under-budget.

    But greedy anti-union contractors want to destroy our apprenticeship programs. They are determined to lower our standards, cut corners, and boost profits on the backs of their workers.

    Unscrupulous contractors have been using apprenticeship as a way to evade federal and state prevailing-wage laws for years. They lie about whether an apprentice is actually registered. It’s the only way a worker on a public-works project can be paid less than the prevailing wage. If this rule allows industry-registered apprenticeship programs into construction, there will be a massive hole blown in prevailing-wage laws. We cannot allow this back-door attack on prevailing wages and apprenticeship.

    It’s time to make our voices heard and stop the assault on our training.

    Send an email right now to the Department of Labor: Visit the website to learn more and to send your message

    Tell them to protect IUOE apprenticeships.


  • Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk County Grants Available for First time buyers

    There are grants available for Union members who are first time buyers looking to purchase in Westchester, Nassau or Suffolk County, NY towards the purchase of a home, provided that the applicant is income eligible and meets all program requirements. 

    2019 1st time home buyers GRANTS , of up to $25,000 now available in Nassau , Suffolk and Westchester counties .

    To qualify, applicants need to:

    1.       Meet the definition of a “First-Time Homebuyer”

    2.       Attend one of CHI’s Homebuyer Orientations

    3.       Qualify for a mortgage ( this CAN be combined with your UNION PLUS benefits)

    4.       Complete a Homebuyer Education course

    5.       Provide at least 3 percent to contribute toward the purchase

    6.       Fall below the maximum household income level set by New York State 

    Family Size

    1 Person

    2 Person

    3 Person

    4 Person

    5 Person

    6 Person

    112% of HUD Low Income Limit







    For more information, please contact Christine Dawson, Union Plus Specialist at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage at 516-445-0521.


  • The Cutting Edge -Spring 2019

    Read the most recent newsletter.


  • Memorial Mass for Construction Workers Killed or Injured on Worksites

    Please join our fellow Union Brothers and Sisters from the Building & Construction Trades for a Memorial Mass for members who were deceased or injured on the job. The mass will be held at 3:30pm on Thursday, April 25th, 2019 at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral located at 460 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10022. Learn more.



    Effective January 1, 2019, Union members in the state of New York will have the opportunity to deduct their union dues from their state income tax.  Learn more.



    For you convenience, we have developed a letter that you can send to your local politicians letting them know how concerned you are about the serious problems we are all facing with our medical coverage system in the United States.

    Here is a link that you can refer to for political contact information.


  • Reminder: Union Dues

    Please note, effective January 1, 2019, the maximum monthly dues are $92.89. Dues for 40 hour contracted work weeks are calculated by multiplying the hourly rate x 2.50; for 35 hour contracted work week hourly rate x $2.20; for 37 1/2 hour contracted work week hourly rate x $2.36, up to a maximum of $92.89. When the hourly rate increases, the dues increase, up to the maximum monthly dues. 


  • OptumRx - Effective January 1, 2019

    Effective January 1, 2019, the prescription benefit portion of your health plan will be administered by OptumRx. You can visit the OptumRx website at Each prescription drug company has its own list of prescribed medications that are allowed for their safety, cost and effectiveness. You and your doctor should consult the Formulary List to help you select the most cost-effective prescription medications for your needs. To find out more about your prescription drug benefits, please visit the How the Prescription Drug Plan Works section of our website.  


  • Hotel Boycott

    Fight for Workers Rights—Do not stay at these hotels

    Find a list of hotels who are on strike.


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