Retirement Seminar

This year's Annual Retirement Seminar will be held on Wednesday November 18th, via Virtual Meeting.

The presentations will be given by representatives from the Central Pension Fund, Health & Benefit Fund, Social Security Administration, Stacey Braun Associates, J.W. Thompson and the Annuity Fund.     

For your reference, attached are the presentations shown at last year's Seminar.

1.  Social Security Administration

2.  JW Thompson – Investment Advice 

3.  Health & Benefit – Commercial Division & School Division

4.  Financial Planning

5.  Central Pension Fund

6.  John Hancock Retirement Plan Services

If you would like more information or have questions regarding retirement, please contact:

Pension: Jillian Loughnane             212-331-1836

Annuity: Kimberly Antonaccio        212-331-1826

Health & Benefit:                          212-541-9880

Social Security:                            800-772-1213         

Stacey Braun:                              888-949-1925

JW Thompson:                             888-453-1869


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