Central Pension Fund

As a Local 94 Union member, you may be eligible to participate in the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Central Pension Fund. 

What is the Central Pension Fund?

The Central Pension Fund provides a source of income for your retirement. As a defined benefit plan, the Central Pension Fund pays monthly benefits to you or your dependents once you retire.

The money you receive from your Pension Fund comes from Employer Contributions made while you are actively at work. Your benefits from the Central Pension Fund are guaranteed and will only grow with time. The longer you work and the longer you are a member of the Central Pension Fund, the more benefits you receive.

Visit the Central Pension Fund Website

The IUOE, not the Local Union, administers the Central Pension Fund. To learn more about the Central Pension Fund, such as how the Fund works and to see the latest Annual Funding Report, visit the Central Pension Fund website.

if you are a Local 94 member and have questions regarding the Central Pension Fund, please contact Jillian Loughnane by email or at (212) 331-1836. If you are not a Local 94 member, please contact the Central Pension Fund at (202) 362-1000.  

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