Central Pension Fund

Can I get an estimate of my pension, and/or survivor benefit?

To do this, you need to send a written request to the Central Pension Fund. The request must include your full name, address and Social Security Number. Your estimate will include all of the benefit payment options for you and your spouse.

How do I get Pension forms, such as beneficiary, direct deposit, and retirement application forms?

Go to the Central Pension Fund website for all forms.

I am getting a divorce. What do I need to do in terms of my pension?

You must provide the Central Pension Fund with a copy of the entire divorce decree. We recommend that you also visit the Central Pension Fund website for information about Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) and visit the Life Events page on this site to see what you need to do for your other benefits.

How soon am I vested in my Pension?

After five full years of participation, that is five years with 1,000 hours reported to the Central Pension Fund each year, you are fully vested in your Pension.

When do I receive my Pension statement?

Two times a year, the Central Pension Fund sends out Pension statements to all participants. Contact the Central Pension Fund to obtain a copy of your statement. When you do, please make sure that the Central Pension Fund has your correct address on file.

If I die, does my spouse receive my Pension?

Generally, the answer is yes. The specific answer depends on your age, length of service and status at the time of your death. For more information about your options and the rules around death benefits, please visit the Central Pension Fund website or contact the Central Pension Fund Office at (202) 362-1000.

What is the phone number for the Central Pension Fund?

(202) 362-1000.

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