Knowing the Signs of a Stroke Can Save Your Life

In late 2022, Local 94 member Gary Haley got home after a long day working at Cushman & Wakefield/UBS. He noticed that he was having trouble walking and that his right side—from leg to his arm—was dragging and not normal. He guessed correctly that he was having a stroke and went right to the hospital. His quick action may have saved his life. You can read more about Gary's story.

It’s so important to understand the signs of a stroke and to get care as quickly as possible if you notice these signs.

Remember to B.E. F.A.S.T.

  • BALANCE: Sudden trouble with balance or coordination
  • EYES: Change in vision
  • FACE: Drooping or numbness
  • ARM: No control; weakness or numbness
  • SPEECH: Change in speech or ability to talk clearly
  • TIME: Is brain, meaning fast action reduces risks. Call 911.

It’s also really important to understand where to go for care when you need it, whatever the problem is—stroke, cold or flu, allergies, broken bone, for example. Make sure you understand how the Plan works, your benefits and your options for care. 

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