Six Tips for Healthy Eating During the Holidays

This is the season of holiday celebrations at work, with friends and neighbors, or with family. And that often means that you’ll encounter a lot of food that may not always be healthy. As a result, you may find it difficult to make healthy choices. But eating healthy during the holidays doesn’t mean that you can’t live it up and enjoy the festivities.

Here are six simple tips to help you have a healthier holiday season.

  1. Eat Before the Party. Eat a small snack such as fruit, yogurt or nuts before you arrive to help manage your appetite.
  2. Eat Veggies First. Instead of filling up on roasted ham or macaroni and cheese, start with your vegetables. Starting with vegetables ensures you have room for them and helps limit the amount of unhealthier options you eat.
  3. Don’t Skip Meals. Trying to hold off until the big feast can cause you to overeat and make your blood pressure spike.
  4. Eat Smaller Portions. With buffet-style dinners, it’s easy to pack too much onto your plate. Before taking food, take a walk around the table to see what all your options are. This way, you’ll be less likely to pick up foods that you don’t want.
  5. Take a Break Between Servings. It takes approximately 10-20 minutes for your brain to recognize that you’re full. Taking a break after each plate will help ensure you don’t overeat.
  6. Alternate Between Alcohol and Water. Wine, beer and mixed drinks are the source of many hidden calories. Additionally, alcohol increases your appetite and makes it harder to control what you eat. To curb your intake, for every alcoholic drink you have, drink one glass of water.
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