Complex Care Program: Take the Call from Anthem

What is the Complex Care Program?

Rather than go looking for help getting healthy or tackling a chronic illness, what if help came to you? That’s the idea behind Anthem BlueCross Blue Shields’ Complex Care Program. Through the Program, authorized and trained representatives from Anthem—Local 94’s medical benefits partner— may call you at home to work with you to achieve better health. If you have a complex health condition, one that requires expensive treatment, or one that is considered high risk by Anthem, Anthem will call you to help you navigate the health care system.

The Complex Care Program can help you make important health choices and get the most out of your Health and Benefit Trust Fund medical benefits.

The Complex Care Program is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. The purpose of the Program is simple—to assist you when you are tackling a chronic illness and/or a complex health condition. The Local 94 Health and Benefit Trust Fund is asking that you engage with Anthem when you receive a call. Please don’t ignore the call; Anthem's trained representatives are calling for a reason and can assist you.

How to Use the Complex Care Program

Here’s how the Program works:

  • You’ll receive a call from Anthem. Typically, Anthem will call from an “800” number.
  • You and the Program representative will talk about the Complex Care Program so you can decide if you’re interested in participating.
  • Later, you will speak with specialists from the Program about the health issues that affect you the most. You and the specialist will then create a plan that is tailored to you and your needs.
  • You’ll receive more calls from the Program as you work towards achieving your health goals.

Other Helpful Anthem Phone Programs

Other Helpful Anthem Phone Programs

Anthem has other programs that are available to you as well. These other programs, as well as Complex Care, are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. If you receive a call about one of these Empire programs, please answer it. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is the Fund’s partner on the road to better health. That’s why you may get a call from time to time to share important health information.

Empire has programs to help you with health issues, such as:

  • Losing weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Preparing for surgery
  • Pregnancy—If you’re expecting a baby, Anthem has a program that can help you enjoy a healthier pregnancy.

Ready to Talk Now? You Can Give Anthem a Call, Too

You don’t need to wait for Anthem to call you. You can always call Anthem to ask about their health programs and services. Just call the customer service number on your ID card, (844) 241-7089 or visit

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these programs you can always call the Fund Office at (212) 541-9880.

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