OptumRx Diabetes Management Program

OptumRx’s Diabetes Management Program provides eligible participants a free glucose monitoring meter, unlimited glucose strips and one on one counseling. Blood sugar will be monitored regularly via a cloud-based connection, allowing OptumRX to be notified if a participant’s blood sugar is trending abnormally and will result in an outreach call from OptumRX to the participant.

  • Eligible Participants. All diabetics identified by OptumRx through analysis of diabetes medication usage. Diabetics identified through Anthem BCBS and self-identified diabetics are also eligible to participate.
  • Education (One-on-One Counseling). Each participant is eligible for quarterly calls with a Diabetes Health Educator. These calls will provide a clinical assessment and medical review, diabetes education, review of testing results, lifestyle, exercise and wellness tips, and development of goals and action plans.
  • Medication Adherence. Targets all diabetes members when identified to have low medication adherence for several drug classes. Outreach improves medication adherence and includes new-to-therapy education, refill reminders, provider letters notifying of nonadherent members, reminder letters to members exhibiting low adherence.
  • Resolving Gaps in Care. Optum will conduct a diabetes focused Retroactive Drug Utilization Review for all participants. Targets all diabetes members when identified to have gaps in medication therapy for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

For more information contact OptumRx directly at 855-295-9140 or log onto www.optumrx.com.

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