Updated COVID-19 Guidelines

January 20, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

For some 10 months now, we have endured the painful loss of friends and family without the opportunity to say farewell; unable to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and the milestones of accomplishment. All the while we watched as the infections spread and the death toll rose.

The New Year brought news of FDA approval for several COVID-19 vaccines that would finally bring an end to this nightmare. That was the good news. We have hope.

We also have millions of our brothers and sisters of all ages and in all stages of life who want and need to be vaccinated. And the supply cannot meet the demand. In response, the government has established guidelines for the distribution of the vaccine. Please visit your local government’s website for more information.

Examples of websites in the tri-state area are as follows:

Officials across all branches of government have worked to expand the distribution of the vaccine. We are currently working with the state and city governments and local healthcare facilities to join in that effort and hopefully will be able to deliver the vaccine to our members at our union offices.

Nothing is definite, but we are hopeful. You will be notified if we are successful.

As always, the health and safety of our members and your families is our primary obligation.

In Solidarity,

Kuba J. Brown

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